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PayPro — just think about it

 PayPro ( is an excellent solution that has replaced the established banking system. «Smart» relationships with the complete elimination of any risks.

Objective of the project:  Let’s analyze the purpose of this project. PayPro offers its users a kind of job based on a decentralized bank. All tasks will be accomplished through clever contracts, which, according to the authors and founders of PayPro, will allow all of us to look at the result from a new angle.
 On the other hand, this project can be provisionally called a market where decentralized applications (dApps) will be able to post information about the services they provide. Successfully chosen the policy of work — dApps will create conditions for competition and will fight for the right to receive a contract from the user. As a result, we will get a reduction in cost and improve the quality of services.
 In addition, PayPro will help to eliminate an important problem that can be characterized as «read everything that is written in small handwriting.» This gives an opportunity to say that the market of banking services can become honest.
Although the goal is good, it does not seems new. Many projects put this as the goal. Let’s see how it turns out these guys.

Pablo Ruiz — General Director.

Gabriel Llambias is the CFO.

Enric Giribet — technical director.

Josep Sanjuas — technical advisor. 

Roger Baiget is a programmer.

Each member of the team is a master of his craft

Among the advisers of the project are the following individuals:
David Murray is the founder of a business school and adviser on the implementation of projects on the market.
Maximilian Von Sethe is a financial consultant, behind whom works for such giants as Google.
Rafael Conde del Pozo is a specialist in business innovation.
Franc Carreras is marketing guru.
Given the merits of the project’s advisers, even despite the lack of novelty of the idea, PayPro gets a good chance to beat competitors.

Analysis of the starting price:
The starting price, given the active growth of the ETH, as well as the originality of the idea, seems somewhat exaggerated. Probably, the creators were betting on the loudness of the names of their team…

The total number of tokens seems excessive, given the relevance of the project and the interest of investors.


Investors will be provided 40%. The rest will be distributed as follows:
— 5% project community;
— 15% topical investors of the project;
— 20% reserve;
— 20% of the founders of the project, his team.

Clearly, there is a desire to give the project a powerful base, capable, if necessary, of becoming a safety cushion for PayPro.

In WhitePaper, the team tried to explain the prospects of PayPro through active visual support. In general, the paper fully reveals the topic, and gives the reader to see the project’s prospects.

The project is managed from Spain, which makes it possible to provide it with legal protection. It is noteworthy that the specialists of this country are characterized by a negative attitude towards the further development of the ICO, nevertheless, providing all kinds of support to the projects.


The fight against the current banking system is the right thing.
The PayPro team consists of professionals in their field who will be able to translate the idea into reality. The problem is only in great competition, which, however, can become an additional engine to improve as in any business. Given the great competition, probably the time allotted for ICO will not be able to give a proper result.
In the road map, the team was careful, creating prospects only for the near future.

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